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There are many leaders out there - some inspirational, others you wonder how they got there and why. My guess is, if you are here, exploring coaching with me, you want to be in the former bucket. Now reflect on all the people you find inspiring, what is it about them that makes them inspiring?


It takes courage and belief that you will be accepted for who you are; that you too can succeed without changing yourself.


No matter what level you are at, it is the ability to lead yourself and others successfully that will make you stand out. For us introverts, it is all about impact - on work and people. For the ambitious ones, the world.

There will be challenges along the way, relationships to navigate and doing the hard stuff like managing up and networking (aka talking to people). There will also be those moments when you see your colleague shamelessly promoting themselves without producing strong results and getting recognised for things which they didn't actually do.

Then, there will be those moments where you know you deserve more recognition and reward for what you bring to the table and yet somehow you are overlooked, assumptions are made that because of your gentle nature, you are not tenacious enough, inspiring enough, that you want to be left alone. And because you find navigating such situations difficult, you will stay in analysis- paralysis, and let it simmer inside.

I help you overcome all of this and get you to learn how to do the hard things with ease and flow. We focus on building your strengths, making decisions guided by your values, and embracing your full authentic self to create an impactful presence so you can be the leader you are meant to be.

The result?  People will notice you, take you seriously, and advocate for you. 

I got to senior leadership positions, was handpicked for a niche leadership program, was also hand picked for a senior sponsorship program. This didnt happen by chance. 

Let’s get you there too.  

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We will have a call where we discuss where you are in your life, and how you see your future to be. We will explore what you would like to achieve through coaching, and how it will help you in your life.



I will listen and help you clarify your direction and realize your full potential. I will offer a safe space where you can discover your true self. This will help you achieve your goals - from being more confident to getting the promotion or becoming an effective leader!



If you and I both feel the chemistry and would like to work together, I'll propose the program that will be best suited to meet your objectives.



When I work with people, I give my whole self, and I will provide you all the resources I can to support you. In return, I ask that you are committed to growing yourself and achieving your goals.


Path to success is usually a bumpy one and most of the time rather uncomfortable. In order to become an effective and impactful leader, you have to first dig within and that can be scary. I will be gentle with you, and create a safe space where you can truly explore yourself. But, I will also push you, challenge you, and help you realize your full potential. I will help you uncover answers to the questions you are asking, by helping you to think deep, seek out what is deep within you already - you just don't know it yet. I will hold you accountable, and I will be there for you.

What qualities do I seek when working with my clients? 

Self-committed to making a change. That’s it. The rest? We can figure it out.

Hence, if you are not afraid to go deep, get uncomfortable, willing to challenge yourself and your limiting beliefs that are holding you back on the path to visibility and succes, and are fully committed to living a life where you embody your true potential by being your authentic self each day, we are a right match!

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