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There are many types of coaching, similar to other professions out there.

The key difference between Transformational Life Coaching vs. (Regular) Life Coaching is well explained in the diagram below:

In simple words, transformational coaching goes beyond the main reasons for your actions (thoughts, feelings, needs, wants) and seeks clarity on any limiting beliefs, assumptions that hold you back, and values that perhaps are not your own. Transformational Life Coaching will challenge you to think deeper, question yourself to arrive at your own truth, and help you really move forward in achieving what you have set out for.

 Since I am a Transformational Life Coach, my training allows me to offer help to a variety of people from all walks of life, across various challenges they want to overcome. I have helped people who want to learn to love themselves, or set up their own business so they can be financially independent, grow in their career, manage relationships in life or at work, or just figure out what the hell it is they want from their life.  

What I focus on the most and its at the core of all my coaching is the ability to love yourself for who you are, and show up in the world to make your impact. I strongly believe that if you find the courage to be exactly you - no pretenses, no pleasing others for the sake of fitting in, and definitely not just ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’, you will find deep happiness and fulfilment that will enable you to be a better mother, leader, teacher, or simply a great human being.

There are 2 main areas I focus on...

Embracing your authenticity

We are taught from a young age that women can do it all. Should do it all: Push through microaggressions at work, raise strong kids, manage household, juggle the numerous family commitments, throw parties, ‘fit in’ the social scene and address life as it comes.

 Most women manage this really well.  

Then comes the 30’s and 40’s and we wonder why we don't have any energy left. Why dressing up is either the best part of the day, or the toughest. We start asking questions like who am i? What is my identity? Will I ever be more than a mother, a wife, a daughter, a social trend setter? What is the meaning of my life? When can i just be myself and be truly liked, loved and accepted for who i am - the whole me. No more pretending, no more hiding, and no more doing because it is easy.  

This state can be overwhelming, exhausting, can affect you in so many ways, namely emotional and mental tiredness. I believe I can help you find purpose and meaning in your life. I know you can come out of this stronger, full of energy and life. You can be you - and you will be loved for you are, exactly the way you are. I know I can help you do more, be more in your life. Live life based on authenticity and freedom to be.

Supporting education superheroes

If anything this pandemic has taught me, is the realisation how critical the education sector is to our economy, the wellbeing of our children, and the impact they have on generations to come. I have high respect and am insanely passionate about supporting these unsung heroes who juggle so much so our children can be better, well supported, and grow into strong, confident humans.

  But, in the midst of doing what they love so much, they are burnt out due to high energy, high stress demands of the job. Teachers and staff are torn between doing their best and the guilt of not doing enough. And this cycle of feeling like they are firefighting rather than truly loving their work affects them more than they care to admit.  

I work with teachers to find space and discover effective self and work management so they stop feeling like they aren’t enough and rejoice in the visible, productive work they do. This enables them to show up as their authentic selves, be more effective in teaching, and do and feel their best (which directly impacts pupil’s education and emotional wellbeing) rather than performing a role of a teacher they think they have to.

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