Therapy focuses on healing the past wounds, so you can move forward. Often people find themselves in therapy for months and sometimes even years depending on the type of therapy received.

Coaching also looks back but only to understand what holds you back, and then through expert guidance, helps you to breakfree so you can keep moving forward. Main aim of coaching is to help you move forward, consistently by removing limiting beliefs that hamper your growth. Coaching is generally time-bound. 

In today’s world where flexibility is key, online platforms allow us to do just that. No hassle of travelling, or spending time commuting when you can be working on your goals! Online is easy, and allows us to meet and communicate with agility. All you need is a device and internet connection!

Yes, I do. I will keep the notes safe and confidential. I take notes so I can capture nuggets of information and insights that may help in future sessions.

Have additional questions to see if my coaching can support you in your leadership journey?

Absolutely not! Coaching is an empowerment tool, and I will help you realise your full potential by going deep and taking steps each day which gets you closer to your goal. We will define how you will know that you have ‘arrived’. Every time we work together, our focus will always be on where you need to be, what actions you have already taken, and what needs to be done to get you closer to achieving your goal.

Light, hopeful, empowered.  

 These are the words my clients use regularly when asked how they feel at the end of the session.

Absolutely. But I am confident you won’t :) 


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