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Training & Workshops

I create and deliver bespoke training and workshops in the areas of leadership, self-identity, effective conversations, the importance of vulnerability and trust, presentation skills and much more. This is usually a mixture of teaching, exercises and group coaching.

Having attended several dozen in my 16-year corporate career, I know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. A good combination of training conducted in a workshop style always sits well on topics like self-identity, leadership style, leadership execution; while short training which is more discussion/coaching based are suitable for topics such as the power of listening during the annual review, constructive feedback and impact of authentic self on a powerful performance.

Group Coaching

Is there a common issue that affects most of your team members? Then group coaching may be the answer.

Groups coaching is a facilitative process that is designed to cater to a group’s needs based on common issues and support required. It builds and accelerates learning and impact based on collective participation and fosters an environment of trust and team building.

Group coaching is effective for both introverts and extroverts as it allows them to engage or observe, yet learn from each other in their own independent style.  

Some of the popular group coaching topics are imposter syndrome, giving difficult feedback, managing time and energy, impact of servant leadership to name a few.

Inspirational Talks

I love speaking and inspiring others. I speak at conferences, online events, inset days at schools, and for non for profits.

My talks are generally a combination of inpiring stories, data and stats, some training points and if the client is bold to include,  a live laser coaching session with a member of the audience!

My talks are tailor made to cater to your needs.

I particularly enjoy delivering talks which are catered on authenticity, leadership and diversity.

I also actively participate in panels on topics of authenticity, diversity and leadership.

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