What my clients are saying about coaching with me....

"Before I started the programme I was finding it hard to manage my emotions at work and was experiencing high levels of stress. My confidence was very low. I began sessions last term and in that short period of time I have made noticeable progress in my ability to see the bigger picture and to recognise my needs in times of stress. My confidence has improved considerably and I have a much greater awareness of the warning signs. I'd say that Tasneem has helped me to know myself better and to recognise the patterns I was falling into. I certainly feel more empowered than I have done in a long time. I know I still have a way to go but I am on a positive journey to that is on an upward trajectory. What I have learnt in these sessions will remain with me and I am able to gain far greater enjoyment from my work as a result. Tasneem is able to interpret what she hears and reflects and coaches wisely and intelligently, subtly guiding me to come to my own conclusions. I cannot recommend Tasneem highly enough and if you are thinking of doing it, do!"

- HS
Teacher, St. Augustine's Priory

 "I was not familiar with life coaching prior to my interaction with Tasneem. This was an eye opener for me. She patiently took me through this self exploring journey of discovering myself. I have gained valuable insights about myself through her patient guidance. She creates this safe environment for you to share your experiences. This compliments well with her successful professional career that is inspirational. I would highly recommend her as a life coach, as I believe it will be the greatest investment you can make in yourself.

Business Intelligence Analyst, Sobey's

"Before I started the program I often felt anxious, time poor, productive but a bit joyless. Through Tasneem's guidance I have realised new ways to overcome my anxiety to the point where I rarely feel any at all. The energy that worry zapped, I now use to think more clearly and calmly, which benefits all aspects of my life, especially work, which I enjoy more as a result. Rather than trying to control things, now I can be more relaxed because I am more sure of myself. I am no longer afraid. I feel optimistic and energized. I would recommend Tasneem's program to anyone, and especially to anyone who is not sure."

- C Brown 
Teacher, St. Augustine's Priory

 "I would like to express my gratitude for the coaching I have recently received from Tasneem Ali .  Working with Tasneem has helped me to address some limiting beliefs that had been holding me back, providing me with clarity and a new-found excitement about my future goals.  I would recommend Tasneem to anyone wishing to re-examine areas of their life and set a new course.  Don’t be fooled by her quiet, nurturing approach. She is a coach of solid authority, who has a strong belief in your abilities, even when you don’t.

- Kerry
Deputy Head of Service, SEaTSS

 "I highly recommend Tasneem at Fervent Living. We at Hana Flowers had the opportunity to take a few coaching sessions with Tasneem, and we were nothing but delighted. Her clarity and focus provides the much needed guidance that one seeks through, in any coaching session. Tasneem knows exactly the right questions to ask in order to ensure that the individual's end result is achieved as per their need. Book your sessions today and start fresh with a new focused and balanced version of yourself.

- Rashida
Owner, Hana Flowers

 "Tasneem helped me take leaps in my process of self discovery, and to strengthen my connection to what matters to me about the work I do . She has an incredible ability to follow you where you need to go, while guiding you to question assumptions and beliefs that impede you from achieving your goals.

- Daniel
Process Lead, The Nielsen Company

 "Since the beginning Tasneem has been very kind and compassionate. She listened to me attentively with an open mind and heart providing me with the right questions that led me to understand myself better, find more clarity and choose the right actions towards my main life goal.

- Angela
Aspiring Dancer

 "Tasneem has helped through the most difficult time of my life and managed to gain clarity and focus. I feel empowered to be in control of my life and also acceptance during the biggest struggle of my life. Thank you for all the time that I have spent learning from you and gaining much more positivity in my life." 

- Kani
PA/Office Manager, Nlyte Software


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