I can help you feel content and happy with yourself so you can show up as the real you; each day.

Why I became a transformational life coach

I always knew what I wanted. Which high school I'll go to, which university I want to go to (which I didn't get in), which field I will pursue post-graduation, which company I will work for (i did get in), and year by year, how I build my career and by year x, this is the position I will hold (i did it).

 I personally don't know anybody who had this level of clarity in their education and career. I used to think that most people did until I started talking to people about this a few years back and realized most people actually ‘fell’ into their careers and hope of doing something else, or worse, don't even know what else they could do.  

This scared me and confused me. Then someone told me I was blessed to have such clarity, as people struggle all their life to figure out their passion. This is how I was cruising through life without knowing what uncertainty is (about education and career).  

And then slowly, something went off in me - I wasn’t fully invested in the work I was doing, and this scared
the hell out of me and I didn’t know how to cope with it. I talked to half a dozen people, all wanting to help me in whichever capacity they could - as a mentor, friend, teacher, manager. I suppose what I really needed was a good life coach.  

It took me a long time, and after reading several deep, thought-provoking books, I did some introspection and realized that what was missing was making a true impact on people’s lives. While helping the company I work for make more money, including doing the same for your clients is fine, I've always had ‘greatness’ in my career. It was a career where I was passionate about what I was doing, which made me really good at it.   And now this career alone was not enough.

I wanted more out of it—more from my life. So I spent another few months searching - internally and externally. I researched, also had the good fortune to have a life coach through work as part of a leadership program later on, and through exposure to life coaching first hand, I realized this is exactly what I want to be doing - making an impact in people’s lives at a transformational level.

And hence, the idea of becoming a life coach started simmering in my mind.    After looking into it for quite some time, getting my personal life in order so that I can dedicate proper time to becoming a really good certified transformational life coach, I took the plunge. And have never looked back since. I must say, I look forward to each day now, knowing the next phone call I take is going to matter; it will make a difference.

Fun Facts About Me


I am a straight shooter - you get what you see! Always.


I am an obsessive learner: I read books, listen to books, watch hours and hours of TED talks and anyone inspiring that comes up on YouTube


I am learning the difference between letting go and holding on


I have discovered taking care of plants is therapeutic and I really enjoy it


I love taking walks when its cold - it energizes me


My favorite type of vacation is when I'm either surrounded by nature or bumming at the beach!


I used to live in Canada, and now I live in the UK. I miss the snow (call me crazy)


There is no way I can be happy, if i don’t show up as the whole me. NO OTHER WAY


I know that digging deep to find your true self can be scary. I will be gentle with you, and create a safe space where you can truly explore yourself. But,  I will also push you, challenge you, and help you realize your full potential. I will help you uncover answers to the questions you are asking, by helping you to think deep, seek out what is deep within you already - you just don't know it yet. I will hold you accountable, and I will be there for you.

  What qualities do I seek when working with my clients? Self-committed to make a change. That’s it. The rest? We can figure it out.  

Hence, if you are not afraid to go deep, get uncomfortable, willing to challenge yourself and your limiting beliefs, and are fully committed to living a life where you embody your true potential by being your authentic self each day, we are a right match! 

Make yourself a priority.  You matter.